Flora of Thailand – RUBIACEAE  

NOTE on the “Classification” section following each genus description  

Subfamilial and tribal classification of Rubiaceae primarily follows Bremer (2009) [Bremer, B. (2009). A Review of Molecular Phylogenetic Studies of Rubiaceae. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96: 4-26].  

Below is an overview of the subfamilies and tribes of rubiaceous genera occurring in Thailand (tribes represented by cultivated taxa only are marked with an asterisk):

Subfamily Cinchonoideae: Cinchoneae*, Guettardeae, Hamelieae*, Hymenodictyeae, Isertieae, Naucleeae, Rondeletieae*.

Subfamily Ixoroideae: Coffeeae, Gardenieae (paraphyletic/polyphyletic), Greeneeae [see NOTE 1], Ixoreae, Mussaendeae, Octotropideae, Pavetteae, Vanguerieae.

Subfamily Rubioideae: Anthospermeae, Argostemmateae, Gaertnereae, Knoxieae, Lasiantheae, Morindeae (paraphyletic/polyphyletic), Ophiorrhizeae, Paederieae, Psychotrieae, Rubieae, Schradereae, Spermacoceae, Urophylleae.

Tribe Coptosapelteae [Coptosapelta] cannot be associated with any of the three subfamilies given above.  

NOTE 1. Not included in Bremer (2009) but published separately [Mouly, A., Razafimandimbison, S.G., Florence, J., Jérémie, J. & Bremer, B. (2009). Paraphyly of Ixora and New Tribal Delimitation of Ixoreae (Rubiaceae): Inference from Combined Chloroplast (rps16, rbcL, and trnT-F) Sequence Data. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96: 146-160.]   

It is expected that the above summary is not the “final truth” but will change as ongoing and future  molecular work will be published.  

Also note the subfamilial and/or tribal position of several genera occurring in Thailand is still uncertain as molecular data are not yet available.


May 2010