Early Carnap in Context. Three Case Studies and the Diaries

Institute Vienna Circle

Research project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF research grant P27733).

The main task of this project is the transcription and editorial preparation of early Carnap's diaries (1910-1935). There will take place a number of workshops, in the course of this project (find the details below). Moreover, the project is intended as a pilot project to a more comprehensive edition project Historical-Critical Edition of Sources from the Nachlass of Rudolf Carnap , in the sense of a "Parallelaktion" to the Collected Works of Rudolf Carnap. For further details on the project see these excerpts of the project description.

NEW (September 2017): Draft Version of the diaries of Rudolf Carnap 1908-1935

This pdf consists of a draft version of the edition of Carnap's diaries from 1908 until the end of 1935 which will appear at Meiner Verlag Hamburg around 2021. Still preliminary. Please do not cite!

If you have any questions or hints concerning possible transcription errors, typos etc., please do not hesitate to contact us!

Realization of the project:

Christian Damböck (contact, Christian's homepage), 04.2015-03.2018.

Roman Jordan (contact), 01.2016-12.2016.
Roman studies philosophy in Vienna. His taski in our research project is the preparation of the LaTeX version of the diaries of Carnap.

Lois M. Rendl (contact), 10.2015-03.2017.
Lois Rendl is working on a PhD thesis at the Philosophy Department, University of Vienna. The thesis is supervised by Kurt Walter Zeidler, the topic is "Idealism and Logic of Science" (Peirce, Hegel and Cohen). His main areas of research are Aristotelian logic, transcendental logic in Kant, Hegel, and the Marburg Neo-Kantians, and the relations of these varieties of logic to philosophy of science (Peirce, Schlick, Carnap). His task in our research project is the preparation of the critical commentary to the diaries of Carnap.

Shorthand Transcriptions:
Brigitte Parakenings, Philosophisches Archiv, Universität Konstanz.
Brigitta Arden, Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh.

The project is located at the Institute Vienna Circle. It is expected to run from April 1 2015 until March 31 2018.

For further information on the running of the project and on respective workshops, publications, and other activities please refer to Christian's homepage.

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