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Brian Metscher

Over the last 25+ years I have taught numerous university lecture courses, labs, seminars, and tutorials in a variety of subjects within and related to biological sciences.
Contact me about consulting, giving lectures, or leading workshops on imaging and applications, X-ray microscopy for life sciences, and scientific writing.

Current courses in Vienna:

Imaging and Visualization in Biological Sciences 
A general introduction to microscopy and digital image acquisition and analysis.

3D Imaging and Modelling using MicroCT
A practical course with student projects involving 3D image analysis.

Scientific Literature and Communication

Writing Theses and Articles in English

Scientific Writing: Abstracts and Articles 

(at the Medical Univ. of Vienna) Methods Seminar on 3D imaging

Previous University Courses

University of Vienna
  several courses in imaging and scientific writing, evolution, development.

University of Southern Indiana
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology (Aug 2001 - Jun 2006).
  numerous lecture and lab courses and supervised student research projects. 

University of California, Irvine
Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Oct 1996 - Mar 1997).
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant in various lab and lecture courses (Sep 1989 - Jun 1996).

Student supervision, guided research 
Research projects, tutorials.

NSF RUI/ROA grants for myself and a student to carry out summer research at Yale University in Prof. Günter Wagner’s lab (2002 and 2005).

University of Southern Indiana, three internal grants for projects involving undergraduate students (2003-2004).