Dr. Brian Metscher

Senior Scientist
Dept. of Theoretical Biology
University of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14
Vienna 1090, Austria
Tel  +43 1 4277 56704
Fax +43-1-4277-9567

Please contact me about consulting, giving lectures, or leading workshops on imaging, x-ray microscopy for life sciences, or scientific writing.

I am especially interested in establishing a new state-of-the-art 3D imaging centre.

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MicroCT imaging and applications

My research uses morphological and process-based approaches to address problems in evolution and development. We apply x-ray micro tomographic imaging (micro CT) to a variety of research areas, including comparative embryology, functional morphology, systematics, and morphometric studies.

Amia hatchling

14d rat embryo

3D embryology

Developmental morphology of model and non-model species with histological detail in 3D.

Chick tubulin

Molecular imaging

Chick embryo immunostained for acetylated α-tubulin, contrasted with peroxidase-mediated reduced silver deposition. Metscher and Müller 2011, Dev Dyn 240:2301.


Virtual specimens and Cybertypes

...like Ommatoiulus avatar. High-detail 3D images of irreplaceable specimens can be freely shared as a resource for systematics and biodiversity research. Akkari, Enghoff, and Metscher, 2015.