Frisch erschienen: Überblicksartikel zu Flüchtlingskrisen in Österreich in drei Jahrhunderten

Dieser Aufsatz untersucht die wichtigsten Flüchtlingskrisen, von denen Österreich bzw. die Habsburgermonarchie in den letzten dreihundert Jahren betroffen war, und versucht Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zu systematisieren.

Kostenlos herunterladen: Börries Kuzamy: Changes and Continuities in Austria’s Coping with Refugee Crises over Three Centuries, in: Journal of Austrian-American History, 2/2 (2018), 116-141.

ABSTRACT  By bringing together the most important refugee crises that struck first the Habsburg Empire and later the Republic of Austria during the last three hundred years, this paper analyzes the longue durée experiences this country has had in dealing with such situations. It explores the driving factors behind societal and governmental responses and conceives four topics that are recurrent, if in different forms: 1) the socioeconomic disruption and the ethical imperative to provide relief; 2) the legal authorities and their power to determine a legal settlement and the ultimate right to belong; 3) their quest to maintain sovereignty and control; and 4) the question of the legitimacy of refugees as perceived by authorities but also by a (fickle) public opinion.