Galician Culture

Galician culture is more than just sticking together the history of Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish national cultures. This project neither tries to streamline culture in retrospect, nor does it ignore national cultural developments. Still, it claims that on the territory of the former Habsburg Crownland of Galicia we can find common phenomenons and similar developments in literature, theatre, music, public space and education.

The result of this research was published in a prestigious handbook series on the Habsburg Empire. The article “Galician culture and identity” article tackles the Austrian province of Galicia as a multicultural space. I analyse cultural phenomenons in literature, theatre, music architecture and the fine arts that were common to the entire region transgressing linguistic or ethnic boundaries.

Open access: “Galizische Kultur und Identität – Kulturen und Identitäten in Galizien [Galician culture and identity – Cultures and identities in Galicia ],” in: Andreas Gottsmann (ed.): Die Habsburgermonarchie 1848–1918, Vol. X: Das kulturelle Leben [The Cultural Life] (Vienna, Verlag d. Österreichischen Akademie d. Wissenschaften 2021), 829–886.