Non-territorial autonomy

My second book project deals with the development and adaptations of a non-territorial approach to deal with national conflicts.

Refugees in Austria in historical perspective

Over the last three hundred years, the Habsburg Empire and the republic of Austria repeatedly experienced refugee crises. Some public reactions and policy measures towards the refugees have remained astonishingly unchanged.

Galician culture

This project researches various forms of cultural activities in the former Habsburg province of Galicia claiming that Galician culture was more than the sum of the region’s national cultures.

Urban biography of Brody

My PhD project focused on the economic, social and cultural history of an extraordinary Galician border city that experienced its best but also its worst times during the 150 yeas of Austrian rule.

Austro-Russian borderlands

This larger project analysed border towns in the Austro-Polish-Russian borderlands looking on differences and similarities that developed in the longue durée.