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Recently published: Article on the ministry for Russian minority affairs in the Ukrainian Peoples’ Republic

This paper discusses the circumstances surrounding the creation of a ministry for the Russian minority in revolutionary Ukraine, as well as the legislative process governing the protection of minorities in general.

Open access: “Vid impers’koho narodu do nacional’noï menšyny. Ministerstvo velykorus’kyx sprav v Ukraïni, 1917–18 rr. [From the Great Russian People to a National Minority: The Ministry of Great Russian Affairs in Ukraine, 1917–1918],“ Ukraïna Moderna 29, 2020, 164–188 [in Ukrainian].


This article is devoted to the Ministry of Great Russian Affairs, which existed under various names in revolutionary Ukraine from the fall of 1917 to the summer of 1918. To this day, scholars have paid little attention to this institution, deeming it unproductive and hence on the margins of the Ukrainian Revolution. The Jewish and Polish ministries, which represented the two other large non-Ukrainian populations, were significantly more active. However, documents held in the Central State Historical Archive in Kyiv reveal that the activity of the Ministry of Great Russian Affairs was not all insignificant.

Recently published: Paper on the origins of non-territorial autonomy in international minority protection

This book chapter analyses the first appearence on non-territorial autonomy in international minority protection when it was discussed at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. It thereby traces the multiple links to nationalities policies in the late Habsburg Empire.

Open access: “Non-Territorial Autonomy in Interwar European Minority Protection and Its Habsburg Legacies,” in Peter Becker, Natasha Wheately (ed) Remaking Central Europe: The League of Nations and the Former Habsburg Lands (Oxford, Oxford UP 2021), 315–342.

Non-Territorial Autonomy Zotero Database

Together with the European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network (ENTAN-COST) the NTAutonomy-Project established the “Non-territorial autonomy bibliographical database” on Zotero. This is the first database that gives an overview on the existing literature on the topic of NTA.

Authors: Artur Boháč, Marina Andeva, Börries Kuzmany; Timo Aava, Anna Adorjáni, Matthias Battis and Oskar Mulej.

Accessible at:

Conference “Territoriality and Non-territoriality in Accommodating National Diversity” cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the intensification of measures by state and educational authorities in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus, our conference “Territoriality and Non-territoriality in Accommodating National Diversity” had to be cancelled. This is with great sadness, because I and the entire NTAutonomy team have worked on this event for more than half a year.

You can download the planned program here.