Recently published: Contribution on the Schapire sisters from Galicia

My contribution on the intellectual and economic background of the biographies of the Schapire sisters was recently published.

Free download of my article: “Das intellektuelle und wirtschaftliche Umfeld der Familie Schapire in Brody [The Intellectual and Economic Background of the Schapire Familiy in Brody],” in: Burcu Dogramaci, Günther Sandner (eds.): Anna und Rosa Schapire. Sozialwissenschaft, Kunstgeschichte und Feminismus um 1900 (Munich: Aviva 2017), 3853 [in German]

ABSTRACT   The edited volume is dedicated to the social scientist, political journalist and translator Anna Schapire, as well as to her siter Rosa, who was an important art historian and collector of German expressionist art. My article enlights the family backround of the two sisters, who were born in the 1870s in the Galician border city of Brody – then a declining trading hub and Jewish intellectual centre.