Video online now: „How right-wing politics are made acceptable in Europe today“

The Video clip „How right-wing politics are made acceptable in Europe today“ of the project CuRe is now available under the following link

Further information on the project:
Conditions of acceptability in socio-spatial and digital environments
CuRe brings together five research teams from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia and Sweden. Its goal is to better understand the shift in everyday life towards polarization and radicalization that has occurred in recent years, and the successes of right-wing movements and parties in Europe. Our research starts from the premise that cultures of rejection emerge as the result of crises in Europe’s democracies, as well as due to changes in national institutions and civil society. Since rejection is a threat to all forms of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence, the project seeks to study the conditions that have led to the rejection of, among else, immigration, political elites, media and cultural values such as gender equality and sexual liberty.