Myriam Gaitsch, MA

Junior Researcher

Research Interests

  • Social movements and Political Participation
  • Critical Policy Analysis
  • Governance and the Transformation of the Public Sector
  • Affect Theories


Myriam Gaitsch studied political science at the University of Geneva. Currently she is a Junior Researcher in the research project “Affective Labor of Employment Agents. Transformation of Public Services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland” and doctoral student at the department of Political Science at the Vienna University. Arguing for a Foucauldian perspective in her dissertation she empirically analysis the perception and interpretative patterns of public employment agents of the Swiss canton of Geneva dealing with various and often contradictory work requirements. Aiming at illustrating the micro-politics of resistance within the institutional normativity and their impact on public policymaking her interests involve above all with the resitant practices undertaken by the employment agents. From Mai 2016 her PhD project will be funded by the Doc.Mobility fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation.


Myriam Gaitsch, MA
Department of Political Science
University of Vienna
A-1010 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-4277-49456
Room: B 712


Selected Publications

  • Affektive Interaktionsarbeit in der öffentlichen Arbeitsvermittlung in Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz, in: AIS Studien, 8(1), 2016 (together with Barbara Glinsner, Johanna Hofbauer, Otto Penz und Birgit Sauer)
  • Affektive Gouvernementalität: Beratung von Arbeitssuchenden im aktivierenden Sozialstaat, in: Sowa, F./ Staples, Ronald (ed.), Beratung und Vermittlung, forthcoming 2016 (together with Barbara Glinsner, Johanna Hofbauer, Otto Penz and Birgit Sauer)