Cooperation Group „Normalizing the Far Right“

From February 2022 to December 2023, Prof. Dr. Birgit Sauer is co-coordinator of the Cooperation Group „Normalizing the Far Right“ at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (ZIF) at Bielefeld University.
„The goal of this cooperation group is to detect the mechanisms that spread and normalize the far-right thinking, and to depict how the boundaries of the normal are shifted through the transformation of what is speakable and doable within democracy. The project is not dedicated to the study of extremism but to the permeation of the far-right ideologemes in the public sphere. This cooperation group therefore adopts an interdisciplinary perspective and works with international comparisons. We aim to promote a dialogue among international scholars in sociology, political science, law, history, media, and cultural studies. We will focus on mechanisms that normalize the far right, their effects on political culture and institutions, and also analyze democratic resilience and resistance within politics and civil society“.
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