About Me

Dr. Benjamin Sames

Short curriculum

Born February 22, 1977 in Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

1995–1998 I studied Geology and Palaeontology at "Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg", Halle, Germany

1998–2002 I studied Geology and Palaeontology at "Freie Universität Berlin", Berlin, Germany

2003 Diploma degree, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2003–2006 Research Assistant (German Science Foundation) at "Freie Universität Berlin"

Since 2006 Affiliate Research Associate at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman, OK, USA

2007–2011 Scientific Assistant at the Department of Paleontology, University of Vienna, Austria

December 2009, doctorate degree ("Freie Universität Berlin", Berlin, Germany)

Since 2012 Stratigraphic Consultant Petrobras (Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.)

2012 Project Collaborator, UNESCO/IUGS - International Geoscience Program IGCP 555, Department für Geodynamics and Sedimentology, University of Vienna, Austria

2013 Research Assistant/Internship at the “Geologische Bundesanstalt” (GBA, Geological Survey of Austria) in Vienna

March 2014–February 2015 Project Collaborator and Secretary, UNESCO/IUGS - International Geoscience Program IGCP 609, Department für Geodynamics und Sedimentology, University of Vienna, Austria

Since 2015 Project Leader Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Project P 27687 “Integrating palaeoenvironmental and climate cyclicities – An optimized stratigraphic framework in the non-marine Lower Cretaceous” (Short title “Lower Cretaceous Climate and Non-marine Stratigraphy - LCCNS”)

10/2017– 12/2019 Project Leader “Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) project “Late Mesozoic lacustrine systems in Tunisia and their global correlation (IGCP 632 Lacustrine Systems)” (Subproject to IGCP 632 “Continental Crises of the Jurassic: Major Extinction Events and Environmental Changes within Lacustrine Ecosystems” via International Geoscience Programme (IGCP)



Awards and Tributes

January 2004 – “Katharina-Heinroth-Preis” of the "Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin" (Berlin, Germany) for the Diploma Thesis

10th July 2012 – “Hanns-Bruno-Geinitz-Preis” of the “Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden“ (Dresden, Germany) for the Doctoral Thesis

November 2014 – Michael A. Ayress and Robin C. Whatley (2014. Early Cretaceous nonmarine Ostracoda from the North Falkland Basin, South Atlantic. Palaeontology 57/6, 1143–1175, Link) named a new non-marine Lower Cretaceous ostracod species in honour of the scientific works of B. Sames on ostracod micropaleontology:

Vecticypris samesi sp. nov. (Ayress and Whatley, 2014, p. 1167).











Vecticypris samesi Ayress and Whatley, 2014

Early Cretaceous of the Falkland Basin, South Atlantic

(left and right lateral view; dorsal view with anterior end to the left; Courtesy of Michael Ayress)



Diploma Thesis (Master's equivalent)

"Taxonomie, Paläoökologie, Biogeographie und Biostratigraphie von kalkigen Mikrofossilien (Ostracoda/Charophyta) der Tendaguruschichten (Oberjura/Unterkreide) am Tendaguru Hill, Tansania" (Berlin)

["Taxonomy, palaeoecology, biogeography and biostratigraphy of calcareous microfossils (Ostracoda/Charophyta) of the Tendaguru Beds (Upper Jurassic/Lower Cretaceous) at Tendaguru Hill, Tanzania"]


Download a pdf-file of the Diploma (Master's) thesis here Lower Resolution (6 MB) or High Resolution (18 MB)


REMARK: The results of this thesis have been published as Sames (2006) and Sames (2008), see List of Publications



Doctoral Thesis

Taxonomy and systematics of nonmarine Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous ostracods: their phylogeny and application to biostratigraphy with emphasis on the Early Cretaceous of the North American Western Interior foreland basin”


Thesis published online via the University Library of the “Freie Universität Berlin” (Berlin, Germany) at:



REMARK: The results of this thesis have been published, amongst others, as Sames (2010, 2011), Sames and Horne (2012), Sames et al. (2010), Martín-Closas et al. (2013), Cifelli et al. (2014), see List of Publications



Professional Affiliations

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (Sam Noble Museum), Dept. of Vertebrate Paleontology




Society Memberships

The Micropalaeontolgical Society – TMS (UK)

The Paleontological Society (USA)

Paläontologische Gesellschaft (Germany)

Österreichische Paläontologische Gesellschaft (ÖPG)

Österreichische Geologische Gesellschaft (ÖGG)



Language competence

German – Native language

English – active, excellent in written and spoken

Russian – active, moderate

Spanish/French – passive, basics