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Barbara Soukup

I earned my PhD from the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in 2008, 
specializing in sociolinguistics.
Currently, I am an Assistant Professor and Elise Richter Research Fellow in the Department of
 Institut für Germanistik   at the    University of Vienna.
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Here's a link to a list of my publications and academic papers.



My research interests comprise pretty much any topic in sociolinguistics, but in particular I have worked on and am fascinated by the study of language attitudes and ideology, sociolinguistic variation, linguistic landscaping, discourse analysis and interaction, language and culture, cognitive sociolinguistics, folk linguistics, perceptual dialectology, language policy, and endangered languages.
Some years ago, my interest in endangered languages led to a collaboration with the (sadly now defunct)
Endangered Languages Programme of UNESCO


My M.phil. thesis (Universität Wien, 2000) studied 'Language attitudes in the United States towards Southern American English' - an article summarizing my findings was published in ViEWz


My PhD dissertation on the strategic use of Austrian dialect in interaction has been published as a book with the title Dialect use as interaction strategy: A sociolinguistic study of contextualization, speech perception, and language attitudes in Austria (Austrian Studies in English series, vol. 98, Braumüller Verlag Wien, 2009). The full text is now available online.

The renowned independent Austrian newspaper Die Presse published an article about my dissertation research - here's the pdf.



As Elise Richter Research Fellow, I'm currently working on the project 'English in the linguistic landscape of Vienna, Austria' (EllViA), for which I received a grant from the Austrian Science Fund FWF logo (Project No. V394-G23). Here's the link to the project homepage:

Project EllViA

I am also a member of the FWF Special Research Programme (SFB) 'German in Austria: Variation - Contact - Perception' (F60). Here's the link to the program's homepage:

FWF SFB Deutsch in Österreich