Digital media have become an integral part of youths´ everyday lives and communicative worlds. This research project investigates the effects of social media on the ways adolescents experience and live their selves, emotions and social relations. Building upon a participatory design process, we involve youths as co-creators of a serious game that tackles potentially problematic social media aspects. The game aims to provide more transparency on topics such as data privacy and psychological models underlying persuasive social media and app design.
The data gathered through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods allows to identify knowledge gaps and prioritize relevant topics among adolescents for our serious game development.
Our interdisciplinary team combines approaches from computer science, social- and cultural anthropology and cognitive science. We are recipients of a DOC-team Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences from the Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Psychology and Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna.
If you are affiliated with a school or youth organization you can find further details on our German website: www.yoeda.at