wissen wir was ein körper kann? philosophy on stage

FWF PROJECT: Materialität und Zeitlichkeit_Artistic Aspects

Establishing an ART-Laboratory in which the legitimacy of our performance theory can be falsified

In the experimental part of our research project we would like to subject our performance theory to a validity check by confronting 6 artists from different disciplines with our theory in order to test its effects and resonance on them.

The following lines will direct these meetings (ART-Labarotory)

  • Does our theory truly enlighten the structure anonymously at work in the artistic production of these cooperating six artists?
  • Which statements of our theory do provoke resistances in our addressees and where do we meet the expectations of the artists?
  • On which level do we find these kinds of acceptances/resistances, and in which manner are they expressed: affective, argumentative, gestural etc.?
    (Each meeting in the ART-laboratory will be filmed and documented by GRENZ-film, cultural factory vienna)
  • How should these reactions themselves be interpreted?
  • Can the artists‘ resistances against our theory be reduced in the course of our three-year research project, respectively which assumptions have to be corrected or withdrawn?
  • Finally. How do the artists respond to our theory of performatives in producing a piece of art reflecting the topic of our investigations? (Or have they always been responding to our theory in their work without knowing it explicitly?)

(In the course of our ART-Laboratory the participating artists shall not only verbally comment on our theory but also in an artistic way while producing fragments of texts, pictures, sounds., dancing and acting parts that will be part of the Lecture-Performances (symposia) of this project.)

Running the ART-Laboratory

In order to realize these experimental meetings (ART-Laboratory) we would like to organize 4 workshops a year during the 3-years-period of the project, in which the validity of our theory of the arts, its limits and further possibilities are tested with the 6 following artists:

Artistic director and coordinator of the ART-Laboratory
Susanne Granzer
(Co-applicant of this research project)