call for applications – residency program india

Call for Applications – Residency Programme India

Call for Applications (CLOSED)
6 Residency Scholarships for
Artistic Research // Arts-based-Philosophy


Truth and Lies
Aesthetic Practices in Times of Fake-News


Place of the Residency Programme: Adishakti, Laboratory for Arts Research, South-India, Tamil Nadu.
Duration: 3 months, December 17th 2019 – March 15th 2020


In co-operation with the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Vienna (Faculty of Philosophy and Education) and the Federal Ministery for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMAI), the art factory baseCollective (Böhler/Granzer) grants 6 residency scholarships for artistic research and arts-based-philosophy at Adishakti in South-India.
Adishakti is situated in a silent campus near Auroville, 8 km away from Puducherry. It is one of the most well-known research centres for Arts Research in South-India with an own theatre, a lecture-hall, a dining-hall and comfortable guest-rooms (single occupation).

One could describe Adishakti as a calm grove with trees and plants on the outskirt of Auroville. It is a place away from the hectic of urban life-worlds, far away from any pressure of time and production constraints. In this special surrounding the 6 awardees are called to initiate artistic-philosophical processes on our research topic “LOVE MATTERS…” in co-operation with Univ.Prof.Dr. Susanne Valerie Granzer and Univ.Doz.Dr.habil. Arno Böhler, who will direct the residency programme.


baseCollective is a transdisciplinary research group for artistic research and arts-based philosophy located in Vienna (Austria). It has been founded by Arno Böhler and Susanne Valerie Granzer.
Arno Böhler teaches at the University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the programme for Cross-Disciplinary-Strategies. Susanne Valerie Granzer is an actress and professor for acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Max Reinhardt Seminar. Böhler and Granzer have developed the format of Philosophy On Stage in the last 20 years, which meanwhile became an internationally recognized role model for artistic-research and arts-based philosophy. The method of staging philosophical problems in transdisciplinary field-performances will be a basic approach in our art-laboratory during this 3 months residency-programme.

See:  Philosophy On Stage:

Stills from the field-performance “Into Silence”, realized in the course of our residency programme 2017/18 at the festival “de-text” at Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi on March 10th, 2018.


Staging philosophical problems in collective field-performances

Step One:
In the 1st phase of our residency programme called Black Market of Knowledge we will put emphasis on the close reading of texts and artefacts, which are of significance for this year’s research question Truth & Lies. [E.g. Abhinavagupta: Abhinavabharati, Spivak G. Ch.: An Aesthetic Education on the Era of Globalization, Philosophy On Stage:]

Step Two:
The 2nd phase of the residency programme will be about considering how this reading affects different ways of artistic performance and which images of thought are stimulated by our research question? The musicians will answer the texts by way of their music; the philosophers will answer the music, or the sculptures, films, performances created in our art-laboratory by way of their conceptual means. These processes aim less at creating “isolated” pieces of music or “isolated” images etc. but, quite in the sense of Deleuze, at stimulating artistic fragments generating from the mutual relationship of the respective works.

Impressions from our field performance Love Matters… 2018/19 Adhishakti Theatre

Step Three:
The 3rd phase of our art-laboratory will be about creating a collective field-performance on Truth & Lies. Aesthetic Practices in Times of Fake-News under the direction of Arno Böhler and Susanne Valerie Granzer. Now it is time to bring the different art pieces together that have been developed in the first two steps and design a transdisciplinary field-performance that allows a complex multi-perspective insight into our research topic Truth & Lies. Aesthetic Practices in Times of Fake-News [2 days a week Böhler and Granzer will work with you all on this field-performance, the other days you are free to work on your own]

Step Four:
In the 4th phase of our residency programme we will present the works in public spaces. Firstly, at Adishakti, and finally possibly also in Delhi at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Department of Arts and Aesthetics.


Each residency scholarship covers a 3 months stay at Adishakti in the course of our  residency programme for artistic research and arts-based philosophy, starting from December 17th, 2019. It covers all fees for the courses, free accommodation in a studio (single occupation), free food and part of your travel costs.

Applications for a residency scholarship in South India please via e-mail to: (deadline: July 15th, 2019).

Application credentials
•    Personal statement on motivation
(about 2 pages)
•    CV incl. list of publications and/or catalogue of works/raisonné

In August our artistic-scientific advisory council will decide about the applications. You will be informed about our decision by August 15, 2019, at the latest.


Imprint: In charge of the residency programme
baseCollective. Philosophy as Artistic Research
Univ.Prof.Dr. Susanne Valerie Granzer and Univ.Doz.Dr.habil. Arno Böhler
Pfeilgasse 8/38, 1080 Vienna, Austria, Europe ;

Cooperation partners (Scholarship sponsors)
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Vienna (Faculty of Philosophy and Education), Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria (BMEIA).

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