FWF PEEK-Project "Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS arts-based research" [AR 275-G21] directed by Univ.-Doz. Dr.habil. Arno Böhler [Principle Investigator] started in April 2014 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna [2014-2017] »

Open Access Publications (TRP12-G21)

Hier finden Sie die drei Open Acess Publikationen, die im Rahmen des FWF TRP 12-G21 entstanden sind. »

2010-2014: FWF-Projekt Generating Bodies [TRP 12-G21]

accepted by the Austrian-Science-Funds (FWF) in May 2010 for four years (Oktober 2010 till March 2014). How will the scientists, philosophers and artists participating in our research laboratories practically engage their “own” flesh as a corporeal medium to express, mediate, sensually sense and stage their ideas on an aeisthetic-corporeal concept of acting during the lecture-performances they are called to develop in the art-labs and finally stage on Philosophy On Stage#3. »

2005-2007 Materialität u. Zeitlichkeit [P17600]

Informationen zum FWF-Projekt: Materialität und Zeitlichkeit. Text – Körper – Ereignis. 01.01.2005 - 31.12.2007 »