Vienna-First District 1350: Walfischgasse 6

Vienna-First District 1350/Walfischgasse 6 11/15, photo: AT
Vienna-First District 1350/Walfischgasse 6
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The persistence of the number (II)
On May 2, 1862 the Vienna Municipal Council decided to supplement conscription numbers with orientation numbers. Henceforth each street would be numbered separately with even numbers on one side and odd numbers on the other. Thus having become redundant in daily use the conscription number, however, did not completely lose its function: When in 1874 Vienna land title registries started to be re-established in those areas which were then districts 1 through 9 the conscription number was drawn upon for the allocation of the so-called land title registry entry number.
The orientation numbers' present appearance was specified by a Vienna Municipal Council decision of Oct. 24, 1958 as follows: white font, steel-blue background, plate size 330 * 230 mm, font style Lapidar. Now, who may have arranged for a conscription number being put up at the entrance of a house that was built as late as 1952 which, in addition, comes in the disguise of an orientation number?

References; see also exhibition: Brno 196, archives: persistance

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