Prague-Staré Město 560: Celetná 16

Prague-Staré Město 560/Celetná 16 9/15, photo: AT
Prague-Staré Město 560/Celetná 16
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The recalcitrant professor
When on October 5, 1770 commissioners were dispatched to assign a number - 13 - to a building belonging to Prague University, which was known as the "Peßlische Haus", and to register the individuals living therein "one of the residents, a professor Historiarum by the name of Dusidan, refused to follow correct procedure". As a member of the academy, he argued, he would not comply with such an order unless it were given by the university authorities. His resistance seems to have been short-lived, however: The record taken of downtown Prague has him registered as Albert Douzeaidans, professor for the history of law, a native of Brussels. The very Douzeaidans, by the way, was later to embark on a remarkable career becoming the first professor of Prague University to teach statistics.


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