Freienfeld, Stilfes 15

Freienfeld, Stilfes 15 formerly 10 2/15, Photo: AT
Freienfeld, Stilfes 15 formerly 10
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The addressing of Tyrol
Like in Further Austria, in Tyrol houses were numbered already in 1767 - i.e., earlier than in the other lands of the Monarchy. And unlike the latter where in 1770 the conscription system was introduced - a system which was above all to serve military purposes - Tyrol witnessed such an effort not until the 1780s, the time of the sole reign of Joseph II. From the very beginning, the attempt was doomed to failure. Tumults broke out, imperial symbols were destroyed, and conscription columns indicating the boundaries between military districts were pulled up. Peasants called in assemblies and erased the numbers which had been attached to their houses. Partially, their efforts were successful: During his last year of regency, Joseph II. would give in, and under his successor, Leopold II., the conscription system was abolished in Tyrol; the house numbers, however, remained.


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