Short CV

Since 2022
University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Senior postdoctoral research fellow @Cambridge Image Analysis Group
AI assisted Diagnosis and Prognostication in COVID-19

Since 2022
Medical University of Vienna, Center for Theoretical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Hertha Firnberg-Fellow (FWF Grant, PI)
Image based Data Evaluation Analyses and Medical Application

Austrian Association of Women in Mathematics (A2WiM)
Vice-President Executive Committee
Head of events organization, Management executive committee, Social Media Coordination

University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics
L’Oréal/Unesco Fellowship ‘For Women in Science’
Image Quality Assessment in Medical Imaging

University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics
Postdoctoral researcher

Harvard Medical School, Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging
Research Fellow (Marshall Plan Scholarship, PI)
Image analysis in medical applications

Since 2018
University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics
Lecturing bachelor courses

University of Vienna, Faculty of Mathematics
Predoctoral research assistant

Doctorate in Applied Mathematics with distinction, University of Vienna (2019)
Dimension Reduction with Orthogonal Projections and Applications in Medical Imaging using Learning Frameworks
Supervision: Assoc.Prof. Martin Ehler