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Coming Soon: Greentopia: Utopian Thought in the Anthropocene

Volume edited by Angela Kallhoff and Eva Liedauer, to be published with
Springer Nature on June 10, 2024

Greentopia: Utopian Thought in the Anthropocene provides new ways of imagining the future interface between society and non-human nature and brings into focus the possibility of a peaceful coexistence. “Greentopia” is a mode of thought that takes us beyond mourning environmental degradation and ecological catastrophe. The absence of already-paved paths in the area gives space for a variety of experiments in thinking. The book interprets its subject, “Greentopia”, as a method of re-imagination, yet also as a very concrete practice. It brings together researchers from different areas to investigate environmental utopia from their respective angles. The present volume is of highest interest for environmental ethicists, but also of interest for anyone involved in current discourses on utopianism, life in the Anthropocene, environmental crises, the future of agriculture and green cities.


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