Andreas Baierl
universit├Ąt wien
I am currently doing research in:

social sciences: design and analysis of surveys in family research at the Austrian Institue of Family Studies . Collaborating with Barbara Beham at HWR Berlin in empirical research in managment and organisational behaviour.

cancer research: analysis of genetic and metabolic biomarkers for individual cancer risk.
I am consulting Andrea Gsur and her group at the cancer institute of the Medical University of Vienna.

osteoporosis research: I am consulting Christian Muschitz and the VINforce-Team on studies on osteoporosis.

nutritional sciences: advicing scientists at the Department of Nutritional Sciences on planing and analysing empirical studies.

past research

consultant of the German government in the evaluation of family policies 2010-2014.

mapping of interacting quantitative trait loci (QTL) in intercross designs. Work in collaboration with Andreas Futschik at JKU and Malgorzata Bogdan at Wroclaw University of Technology.

at Rothamsted Research: development and implementation of disease prediction models for oilseed rape. Design and analysis of experiments.

reviewing for

Sociological Methods and Research
Community, Work & Family
The International Journal of Human Resource Management
Scientific Reports

professional expertise in applied statistics

survey and study design
statistcal analysis, interpretation and reporting
data management