040638 VO Basics of Finance (MA)

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Lecturer: Andrea Gaunersdorfer
Contact: If you write me an email please mention the name of the course in the subject!
Type: VO (lecture)
Hours per week:   2 (4 ECTS)
Time and Place: Mon, 15:00-16.30, HS 6
Registration: Registration is possible via u:space.
Registration for the lecture is not required but recommended.
If you register you get access to the e-learning platform Moodle where material for the course is provided.
Registration is possible until 31.12.2017.
First lecture: Mon, 02.10.2017
Examination dates: See u:find.
Please note that registration for the exam via u:space is required!
(The registration period starts 4 weeks prior to the exam and ends 1 week before the exam.)

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Please find additional material for the course at the e-learning platform of the University of Vienna.
I also hope to encourage communication among students and between students and lecturers by using the platform.


To get access to the e-learning platform please register for the lecture via u:space.