040638 EK KFK CF/FD/FI/FM: Principles of Finance

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Lecturer: Andrea Gaunersdorfer
Contact: If you write me an email please mention the name of the course in the subject!
Type: EK
Hours per week:   4
Time and Place: Mon, 15:00-16.30, HS 14
Tue,  11:30-13:00, HS 3
Registration: UNIVIS online or U:SPACE
also possible via Online Course Catalogue

Please note that registration is only confirmed if you attend the first lecture and sign on the attendance list.
Signing for somebody else is considered as cheating!
If you sign in the first lecture and you do not deregister from the course you will be graded.

(see neue Satzung, Satzungsteil Studienrecht, § 10 (6))

First meeting: Mon, 05.10.2015
Mid term exam: Mon, 30.11.2015, 14:00-16:00, HS 14
Final exam: Tue, 26.01.2016, 11:30-13:30, HS 14

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Consequences of cheating

Cheating is considered as a violation of academic integrity.
Cheating counts as an attempt for the course and is marked on the univerisity certificate (Sammelzeugnis).

(Vorgehensweise bei Erschleichung von Leistungen - document by the Studienpräses, only available in German)


Because of the immanent nature of the examination process personal attendance is required. Since exercise sections will be interwoven with lectures it is natural that you need to attend both to keep on top of things.

Grading will consist of two exams and your contributions, both in assignments and in class:

  1. Class Participation and Exercises: 20%
    To pass the course you have to "tick" at least 50% of the problems.
    Apart from that the total number of ticked problems does not influence the grading.
    Grading is based only on presentation of problems and participation in discussions.
    Please note that ticking a problem withut being able to present it is considered as cheating!
    If you tick a problem and it turns out that you have not prepared (or are not willing to present) it or that you are not even present when the problem is to be dicussed all ticked problems for the lecture will be cancelled.
  2. Mid term and end term exam: 80% (equally weighted)


Please find additional material for the course at the e-learning platform of the University of Vienna.
I also hope to encourage communication among students and between students and lecturers by using the platform.


All students who have registered for the course at Univis and sign at the list of participants in the first lecture will get access to the materials at the eLearning platform.