Nano Lett.
Resonance Raman spectrum of doped epitaxial graphene at the Lifshitz transition
Observation of large electron and phonon renormalizations in heavily doped graphene (up to the saddle point singularity) by ARPES and ultra-high vaccum Raman spectroscopy.
Unusual Fano lineshape due to the interference of vibrational and electronic Raman scattering.
Nano Lett. (2018)
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ACS Nano
Atomically precise boron doping of graphene nanoribbons.
Observation of a splitting of the vibrational frequencies due to regular boron incorporation using UHV Raman spectroscopy.
Direct observation of a flat band using ARPES. ACS Nano (2018)
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Nano Lett
Making graphene nanoribbons luminescent Nano Lett.(2017)
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Combined ARPES and ultra-high vacuum Raman spectroscopy of lithiated graphene nanoribbons Adv.El.Mat.(2017)
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Nature Comm
Ubiquitous electron-phonon coupling to dopant vibrations in graphene Nature Comm.(2014)
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Phys. Rev. B Rapid Comm. (2013)
Anisotropic Eliashberg Function and electron phonon coupling in heavily doped graphene. PRB Rapid Comm.(2013)
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Scientific Reports (2013)
Graphene on metal silicides Scientific Reports (2013)
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Advanced Functional Materials (2012)
Kinetic isotope effect in the graphene deuteration. Adv. Funct. Mater., (2012), 10.1002/adfm.201202355.
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ACS Nano (2012)
Probing the local electronic states of hydrogen impurities in graphene. ACS Nano (2012)
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Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials (2011)A sketch of a new polymer based on hydrogenated graphene. Such samples are characterized by photoelectron and optical spectroscopy in the group of Dr. Alexander Grüneis. (2011)
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Helmholz Zentrum Berlin
Interview by the Helmholtz Institute Berlin with group leader Dr. Alexander Grüneis on his group's work on nitrogen doped graphene (published as a HZB highlight). (2011)
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Nitrogen-Doped Graphene
Nitrogen doped graphene were synthesized and characterized by XPS and ARPES at the BESSY synchrotron.
Published in Nano Letters (2011) for details see

Graphene Epitaxy
Graphene grown by CVD on SiC has been characterized by ARPES, Raman and STM.
Published in Nano Letters (2011) ; more info:

Tunable Band Gap
We have shown by ARPES that a tunable band gap can be induced in graphene by hydrogenation.
Published in Nano Letters (2010) ; for details see

Dirac cone
The Dirac cone on the first stage graphite intercalation compound KC8 and electron phonon coupling was characterized by ARPES.
Published in Physical Rev. B. 2009; more details:
See also APS synopsis 'spotlighting exceptional research'


ARPES measurements of graphite single crystals.Phys. Rev. Lett. (2008); more details: