Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I’m happy to report that I am finished with the interview stage of my project.

All the interviews were really interesting, and I learned a lot more in the process than I would have expected. Thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experiences with me!

On top of that, it was a lot of fun to geek out about digital methods – and of course being told everyone’s weirdest stories from the field.

And to keep it real: Below you can see my online interview checklist, after I was done with the last interview. I feel it is very easy to forget some of the completely obvious steps while conducting Skype interviews, especially if they are without video. So I made myself a little check list. There’s just so many little things to keep in mind that coffee alone is not enough 😉

A sheet of paper on a clipboard. It has

Now I’m off to transcribe and analyze all of them!

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