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Thanks everyone! I’m done with the interviews now.

At this stage of my project , I am looking for interview partners. Below, you can find a short description of the demographic I would like to do interviews with.

The first round of interviews was conducted in spring/summer 2018. Currently (February 2019) I am conducting the second round of interviews, but I am still looking for a few more researchers to talk to.

If you think that could be you, if you are generally interested to talk about your experiences in online research, or if you have any questions regarding my research project, please get in touch:

Currently, I am looking for interview partners:

  • For online interviews.

    I expect the interviews are going to be conducted online. My favorite tool would be Skype (or something else that is voice-based), but anything that allows for real-time communication is great. If you are close to or in Vienna, Austria, meeting in person is also a possibility. If you prefer text-based communication, we can arrange for that as well. Just let me know what you are using and what works best for you and we will figure something out.

  • Who are social scientists doing (or having done) qualitative research online.

    “Qualitative research” includes, but is not limited to digital ethnography and participant observation. As long as your approach is qualitative, it can include a wide range of methods to collect data online. It does not matter if you are currently involved in a project or if you are still working with digital methods – I’d love to hear about past experiences too!

    I’m not looking to do more interviews about solely interview based research at this point.

  • And who would talk to me about their experiences developing and refining their digital research methods as outlined above.

    If you’re working on your first online research project, tell me about it!

    If you are a researcher in the early stages of your academic career (Master’s projects and upwards is all fine!), I would love to talk to you!

    If you have worked on a lot of qualitative online research projects, that’s great too. I am interested in your early projects and how you are (or have been) dealing with the medium while developing your research methods.

  • And who speak English (or German).

    The main language of the project is English. But I am also fluent in German, if you prefer that for interviews and/or general communication.

If you are interested in participating, just send me an email or leave a comment! I would love to hear from you.

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