Informed Consent

I expect (most) interviews to be online Interviews, which is why the more traditional route of signing a physical consent form seems out of place. It is also why I decided to publish the details of what I am going to do with your data here at the project’s research blog. While this text (and, additionally, new adapted versions) will stay accessible here, I will ask for your consent at the beginning of each interview.

If you want to add something or require special conditions, we can also agree to add or change the agreement as needed.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or questions please get in touch.

Version 1.1 (June 12, 2016)

Research at home – Social Scientists and their understanding and use of the internet 
as a site of research. A master thesis project.

I, Angela Prendl, will be conducting this interview for the empirical part of my thesis project as laid out on this website.

Your participartion is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw from the project at any time without giving a reason. You can also request access to the information you gave, and that these informations (or parts of it) be not used or destroyed. Whitdrawing from participation does not affect your rights as stated here.

The information you give me will only be used for research purposes within the scope of my thesis project. The project does not recieve any funding, and there is no payment or compensation for participants.

The interviews will be recorded:
  • For text-based interviews, this means that the interview will be logged, and that I will keep the transcripts for analysis.
  • Interviews that are not text-based (e.g. VoIP interviews, or Interviews conducted in real life) will be recorded and transcribed for analysis. Both transcripts and recordings will be stored digitally.

The copyright of the transcripts will be assigned to the researcher, Angela Prendl. This is only to grant me the right to quote the (anonymised) materials in my work.

All data collected during the Interviews will be kept confidential, and will be anonymised for publication. Only me (and my supervisor) will have access to the collected data. Once my thesis is finished, it will be published on this blog (which might be moved to my personal website once I finish my degree).

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