About me

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting! My Name is Angela Prendl, and I am the human behind this project. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and I am currently working on my master’s in Science Studies at the University of Vienna.

portrait picture showing angela
Picture by Emi.

A big influence in my work as a social scientists is my training and work as a (graphic) designer. If you are interested in what I am doing when I am not thinking about the internet, have a look at my (non-academic) website.

My research interests are digital media and the internet in particular, design and it’s social impact, and everything that can be found at the intersections between society, art, design and activism. I am interested in unraveling the entanglements (and also tensions) between different socio-technical spheres. I always want to understand how people from diverse backgrounds (do not) interact.

Many of these fields and issues just mentioned are also being brought together in and for Changing Worlds, a transdisciplinary conference I have been co-organising for the last two years. Most recently, we are working on a blog. There we are discussing our attempts to open up an academic space (the conference) to various audiences, and our experiences of the process.

So if you’re curious about the project, interested in participating, or just want to talk to me: send me an email.