Curriculum Vitae

Wilfried SCHRANZ                                               



Name: Wilfried Schranz                                    Title: Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr.

Date of birth: 22. August 1960                                 

Place of birth: Oberwart, Austria

Nationality: Austria

Affiliation: University of Vienna

                 Faculty of Physics                 

                 1090 Wien, Strudlhofgasse 4

Tel. +43-1-4277/51171 

Fax. +43-1-4277/9511

member of  the research group “Physics of Functional Materials”



1979 Matura at the "Höheren Technischen Bundeslehranstalt" in Pinkafeld, Bgld.
8.4.1986 Master of Science in Physics

20.12.1988 PhD in Physics (Titel of Thesis: „Untersuchungen von ferroischen und inkommensurablen Phasenübergängen in Ammoniumlithiumsulfat und Biphenyl und ihre gruppentheoretische Deutung")

28. June 1994 Habilitation for Solid State Physics


Major Research expertise: 

Phase Transitions in Ferroic and Multiferroic Materials

Glass Transitions

Material properties at various length and time scales

Nanostructures near phase transitions, Micro-Nanocomposites

Mineral Physics

Crystals at ultrahigh pressures

Phenomenological theory (Landautheory, Pseudospinmodels, Perturbation Theory,..) of PhaseTransitions

Elastic behaviour of materials

Orientational disorder in molecular crystals (KSCN, Fullerenes,...)

Domains and domain wall properties

Incommensurate phases


National cooperations:

Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie, Universität Wien (R. Miletich, E. Tillmanns)

Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Universität Wien (P.F. Rogl)

University of Innsbruck, Institute of Physical Chemistry (T. Loerting)


International cooperations:

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, U.K. (M. Carpenter, E.K.H. Salje)

J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia (R. Blinc, I. Drevensek)

Institute of Dielectrics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, CR (J. Petzelt, J. Hlinka)

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow, Poland (K. Parlinski, P. Zielinski)

University of Amien, France (P. Tolédano)

ETH Zurich, Institute of Food, Nutrition & Health, Food & Soft Materials Science Group (R. Mezzenga, A. Sánchez-Ferrer)

University of Barcelona, Faculty of Physics, Catalonia, Spain (A. Planes, E. Vives)


Teaching experience:

Lectures in:

Theorie und Experiment von Phasenübergängen in nichtmetallischen Festkörpern

Strukturelle Phasenübergänge 

Phasenübergänge in Kristallen und Flüssigkristallen I, II

Streumethoden in der modernen Forschung

Aufbau und physikalische Eigenschaften der Erde

Physik der Materie II

Practical Exercises:

Moderne Methoden der Experimentalphysik (Praktikum für Vorgeschrittene)

Kennenlernen experimenteller Techniken im Forschungsbetrieb (Laborpraktikum)


Praktikum für Schulversuche  (Praktikum für Lehramtskandidaten)

Supervisor of Diploma Thesises and PhD Thesises


Publications: More than 180 publications in major international journals  


Invited Lectures: About 80 invited talks at important conferences and institutions


Project leader of about 15 projects (including FWF-, BuMiWuf-, ÖAD-WTZ-, EU-STCU-projects)  

Participation  in an EC-Training and Mobility in Research network (TMR network on “Mineral Transformations”).

Spokesman of the PhD Initiativkolleg “Experimental Materials Science – Bulk Nanostructured Materials”



Societies and Activities: Member of International Advisory EMF /European Meeting on Ferroelectricity- Conferences.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Ukrain Journal of Physical Optics.

Member of the Editorial Board of Phase Transitions.

2010 President of the Austrian Chemical Physical Society


Guest Editor of FERROELECTRICS Proceedings of the fourth international symposium on ferroic domains and mesoscopic structures,

Vol 190 Numbers 1-4 (1997)


Referee for Physical Review B,  Physical Review Letters, J. Phys.: Condensed Matter, J. Phys.D: Applied Physics, Europhysics Letters,

physica status solidi, Referee of international Projects


Organizer of

ESF workshop ``Role of strains near structural phase transitions'' Vienna 22.5.-23.5.1997

TMR-workshop ``Elasticity and Relaxation'' Vienna 12.12-15.12.1998

Workshop on "Recent Problems in Mineral Physics" 15.,16.12.2000

Final workshop of the Initiativkolleg 1022-N “Experimental Materials Science – Nanostructured MaterialsNov.20-23. 2009,  

Strobl at Lake Wolfgang, Austria

Coorganizer of

4th international Symposium on “Ferroic Domains and Mesoscopic Structures (ISFD-4)”, Vienna, March 1996

WTZ meeting WTZ-Meeting "Dynamics of complex systems", Vienna, October 17-18, 2005

“8th Liquid Matter Conference”, Vienna, September 6-10, 2011

 dyProSo XXXIV, “International Symposium on Dynamical Properties of Solids”, 15-19, September 2013, Vienna, Austria.



Adjunct Professor for the period 2006/2009 in the Department of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies of the Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Vizestudienprogrammleiter der Studienprogrammleitung Physik (SPL 26) since 1. October 2012