Selected Publications

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o  Bürger R (2017) Two-locus clines on the real line with a step environment. Theor. Popul. Biol. 117, 1-22

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o  Su L, Lam K-Y, Bürger R (2019) Two-locus clines maintained by diffusion and recombination in a heterogeneous environment. J. Differential Equations 266, 7909-7947

o  Patel S, Bürger R (2019) Eco-evolutionary feedbacks between prey densities and linkage disequilibrium in the predator maintain diversity. Evolution 73, 1533-1548

o  Servedio M, Bürger R (2020) The effectiveness of pseudomagic traits in promoting divergence and enhancing local adaptation. Evolution 74, 2438-2450



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