Lehrveranstaltungen von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard Bürger im WS 2017/2018:

250 068 VO Stochastic processes

Mo 13.30-15.00, Mi 14:30-15.15, Seminarraum 7 (3 Std, 5 ECTS) (Unterrichtssprache Englisch)


This lecture course provides an introduction to the theory of stochastic processes. The key topics are Markov chains (in discrete and continuous time), branching processes, random walks, and the Poisson process. Also various applications, especially in biology, will be treated. Prerequisites are a good understanding of probability theory (but not of measure theory) and of analysis and linear algebra. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the accompanying Proseminar.


Here you will find supplementary material.

And here are some hints to relevant literature.


First unit: 02.10.2017



250 152 PS Stochastic processes

Mi 15.30-16:15, Seminarraum 7 (1 Std, 2 ECTS) (Unterrichtssprache Englisch)


In this Proseminar, applications of and exercises complementing the theory in the main course are treated. These exercises need to be done as a home work and presented at the black board during the course.


Here is the pdf with the exercises. It will be updated as the course proceeds.


Important change: In the first unit, we agreed about having the PS biweekly on Wednesdays and alternating with the main lecture. Thus, the first regular unit will be on October 18, the second on Nov 8, the third on Nov 22, and so on.


First unit: 18.10.2017



250 096 SE  AG Biomathematics

(gem. m. Univ.-Prof. Dr. J. Hermisson, Univ.-Prof. Dr. J. Hofbauer und o. Prof. Dr. K. Sigmund)
Di 15.00-16.30, Besprechungsraum 9. Stock (2 Std., 3 ECTS) (Unterrichtssprache: Englisch)

In this seminar, talks on various topics in biomathematics are given by guests, faculty members and postdocs, and by students. Talks are announced via an email list. If you are interested to participate and to obtain announcements of the talks, please send an email to Reinhard.Buerger@univie.ac.at. New students can choose introductory topics from books or texts on biomathematics. Master and PhD students are advised to attend this seminar and talk on their own work.

Beginn: 03.10.2017  


250 097 SE  Seminar (Mathematical population genetics)
(gem. mit Univ.-Prof. J. Hermisson und Univ.-Prof. (VetMed) C. Schlötterer)
Mi 09.15-11.00, Besprechungsraum 9. Stock (2 Std., 3 ECTS) (Unterrichtssprache: Englisch)

In this seminar (called the “Journal Club”), recent papers in theoretical population genetics are discussed. Knowledge of the basic theory is required to follow this seminar. The papers to be discussed are distributed in advance by email. Participants are expected to have read the paper, since the seminar focuses on discussion. Current and prospective PhD students are advised to attend this seminar. Potential participants need to send an email to Reinhard.Buerger@univie.ac.at, so that they can be added to the email list and receive the materials.

Beginn: 18.10.2017