Lehrveranstaltungen von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Reinhard Bürger im WS 2020/2021:

250 080 VO Mathematical Population Genetics

250 081 PS  Introductory Seminar on Mathematical Population Genetics

Mon+Tue 15.00 – 16.30 in HS 2 (3+1 SWS, 5+2 ECTS; Language: English)

This lecture course gives an introduction to mathematical population genetics. Population genetics is concerned with the study of the genetic composition of populations and how this composition is changed by genetic, ecological, or evolutionary factors such as selection, mutation, recombination, mating, migration, or random genetic drift. Therefore, in population genetics these mechanisms and their interactions are studied. Population genetics is a prerequisite for understanding biological evolution and has important applications in animal and plant breeding, as well as in conservation biology. In this course, an introduction to the most fundamental mathematical models is provided. These are usually formulated in terms of differential- or difference equations, or as Markov processes. In the simplest cases, these models describe the evolution of gene frequencies under the influence of the above mentioned factors. In addition, models are designed that allow inferences about evolutionary processes in the history of a population given data of its present genetic composition. Students are strongly advised to attend the exercises (PS) because many important examples will be treated there that illustrate and deepen the theory covered by the lectures. The exercises will be held bi-weakly (then 90 minutes).

First unit (lecture course): 5.10.2020 

First unit (Introductory seminar/exercises): 13.10.2020

Click here for the lecture notes covering the first part of the course.

Click here for the exercises (Introductory Seminar on Mathematical Population Genetics).

In addition to these materials, links to my lectures, slides used in the lectures, solutions of the exercises, as well as more detailed and updated information is provided in Moodle (available only for participants of these courses).


250 096 SE  Seminar in Biomathematics (AG Biomathematik)

(gem. m. Univ.-Prof. Dr. J. Hermisson, Univ.-Prof. Dr. J. Hofbauer)
Wed 15.00 – 16.30, Besprechungsraum 9.
Stock (2 SWS, 3 ECTS) (Language: English)

In this seminar, talks on various topics in biomathematics are given by guests, faculty members, postdocs, and by students. Talks are announced via an email list. If you are interested to participate and to obtain announcements of the talks, please send an email to Reinhard.Buerger@univie.ac.at. New students can choose introductory topics from books or texts on biomathematics. Basic knowledge of at least one of the subfields of biomathematics is desirable. Master and PhD students are advised to attend this seminar and talk on their own work.

First unit: 14.10.2020 (online): This will be a “Vorbesprechung”, i.e., we will discuss potential topics for presentations.


250 097 SE  Seminar (Mathematical population genetics)
(gem. mit Univ.-Prof. J. Hermisson und Univ.-Prof. (VetMed) C. Schlötterer)
Wed 09.15-11.00, Besprechungsraum 9. Stock (2 SWS, 3 ECTS) (Language: Englisch)

In this seminar (called the “Journal Club”), recent papers in theoretical population genetics are discussed. Knowledge of the basic population genetics theory is required. The papers to be discussed are distributed in advance by email. Participants are expected to have read the paper because the seminar focuses on discussions. Current and prospective PhD students are advised to attend this seminar. Potential participants are required to send an email to Reinhard.Buerger@univie.ac.at, so that they can be added to the email list and receive the materials.

First unit: To be announced by email