The Biomathematics Group


Faculty of Mathematics

University of Vienna

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1

1090 Wien, Austria




Reinhard Bürger

Joachim Hermisson

Josef Hofbauer

Jörg Menche

Sara Merino-Aceituno

Emmanuel Schertzer

Christian Schmeiser

Karl Sigmund (retired)


Balázs Boros,

Stefan Müller

Diane Peurichard

Jitka Polechová

Himani Sachdeva


PhD students

Hannah Götsch

Martin Pontz

Ben Wölfl

Former members

Simon Aeschbacher, Ada Akerman, Alexandre Blanckaert, Ludwig Geroldinger, Christian Hilbe, Ilse Höllinger, Ryusuke Kon, Michael Kopp, Sebastian Matuszewski, Sylvain Mousset, Sebastian Novak, Dietmar Oelz, Swati Patel, Stephan Peischl, Peter Pfaffelhuber, Agnes Rettelbach, Claus Rueffler, Tatsuya Sasaki, Kristan Schneider, Derek Setter, Mathias Staudigl, Linlin Su, Hannes Svardal, Hildegard Uecker, Meike Wittman, Boyu Zhang

Research topics

Population genetics

Evolutionary game theory

Mathematical ecology

Dynamical systems and their applications in biology and economics

PDE models of cell movement


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biomathematik (Tuesday seminar series)

evolV ienna

Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics


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Selected publications

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