PWs fotografisches Doppelstern Projekt / PWs Photographic Doublestar Project

77&78-Theta Tau

77&78-Theta Tau

RA04 28 39
Dec+15 52 15
Sternbild/ConstellationTau, Taurus / Stier / Bull      Foto/Photo 77&78-Theta Tau

Abstand "
Separation "
Mag 1 Mag 2 Positionswinkel
Position angle
- 336,7 3,41 3,94 348

WDS notes: STFA 10 Theta (2) Tau. B is BD+15@631. A spectroscopic and occultation binary. Also, variable, probably of Delta Scuti type. Pair appears in an appendix list, not part of discoverer's regular numbering sequence.

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