Some notes on the teaching activities

of Markus Rheindorf can be found on this page.

My teaching activities currently include courses at the University of Vienna, the Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt, and research centers outside the university. For most of my university teaching, registration matters as well as e-learning activities will be handled via the e-learning platform of the respective university - in case of the University of Vienna, this is currently Blackboard Vista (though this will soon be switched to Fronter) and, in case of the University of Klagenfurt, the ZEUS system.

These pages provide an overview of my teaching activities according to semester and, in case of those courses that are not handled via one of the two e-learning platform, also include online materials (including KoVo announcements, dates & schedule, references, presentations, and handouts). Please make use of the contextual menu on the left-hand side in order to access the respective semester.