European Molecular Liquids Group

Annual Conference on
Physics of Liquids: Foundations, Highlights, Challenges


Murau, Austria, 11-16 September 1998

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Scope of the Conference

This conference series, organized annually since 1981, periodically attempts an assessment of current ideas and recent experimental and theoretical developments in the field of molecular liquids, liquid mixtures, and related fields. The methods of ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations, for example, have reached such a mature state that the question about their application and impact on our understanding of liquid solutions and chemical reactions should be answered by the experts. Simulation techniques, which enjoyed such striking successes for the study of bulk fluids, are currently being applied to fluids constrained by micro- and mesoscopic boundaries, surfaces, pores etc. And the application and development of spectroscopic methods for new insights into the structure and dynamical processes of complex fluids is an eternal challenge. Last, but not least, the question about the usefulness of these modern scientific methods for the development and /or optimization of industrial processes must be answered over and over again.

Scientific program

Invited speakers

The following speakers have so far consented to an invited lecture:

Scientific Advisory Committee

Local organizing committee


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Contributions and call for papers

The conference will consist of invited lectures (50 minutes including discussion) and contributed papers which will be presented in the form of oral presentations (25 minutes including discussion) or as posters. Because the number of submitted papers is expected to exceed the available time for oral presentations, the authors are asked to indicate the preferred format of their presentation. The final decision on the form of presentation will be made by the organizing committee.

If you propose a contribution, please submit an abstract [10-15 lines written in (La)TeX] not later than April 15, 1998. Authors will be informed regarding the acceptance and final form of their contribution by May 15, 1998.

Please use the enclosed Form for Contributed Papers.

Special issue of the Journal of Molecular Liquids

An offer has been made by the Journal of Molecular Liquids to publish a special issue devoted to papers presented at the conference. All participants are invited to submit their paper for publication in this special issue. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Details and deadlines will be announced at the conference.


Murau is a charming small town and resort in the upper Mur valley in Styria, about 250 km south-west of Vienna, and 80 km north of Klagenfurt. Located at an elevation of about 810 m, it has a well-preserved medieval center, and is surrounded by mountains going up to 2000 m. It celebrates the 700-th anniversary of its town charter in 1998.


The conference will take place in the beautiful main hall (Rittersaal) of Schloß Obermurau, a scenic Renaissance castle overlooking the city and belonging to the Duke of Schwarzenberg. It can be reached from the hotel on foot in a few minutes.

Travel information


Murau is easily reached by train and car. The closest international airports are Klagenfurt (80 km), Graz (160 km), and Vienna (250 km).

Please note that Murau is at an altitute of 800 m and is surrounded by mountains. It may get chilly in September. Please take a warm jacket or sweater with you.

Chartered bus

Since many participants arriving by air are expected to connect to Vienna, a bus will be provided from the Vienna International Airport to Murau in the afternoon of September 11, and back to Vienna after Lunch on September 16. Detailed travel information will be made available before the conference.

On Friday, September 11, the bus will leave from Vienna International Airport at 15:30, and will arrive at Murau at 19:30. Between 15:00 and 15:30 there will be a person with an EMLG sign at the "Meeting Point" of the Arrivals Terminal, who will direct you to the bus. On Wednesday, September 16, the bus will leave from Murau at about 12:30, and is expected to arrive at Vienna International Airport not later than 16:30. Participants planning to use this bus should indicate their intention in the Registration Form. Since the number of available seats is limited to 50, it is necessary that you inform the organizers in time about your intention to go on this bus.

Public transportation

If you don't arrive in time for the chartered bus or if you want to travel on your own, take the shuttle bus from Schwechat Airport to Wien Südbahnhof, the Southern Train Station. It leaves in front of the terminal building and runs twice an hour (10 and 40 min past the hour between 8:10 and 19:10, and 10 min past the hour afterwards). The ride takes about 20 min and costs ATS 70. Make sure you get on the right bus!


At Südbahnhof, buy a ticket to Unzmarkt, the railway station on the main line closest to Murau. The single, second-class fare is ATS 300, but you may get a substantial reduction if you travel in groups of two or more [ask for a "Gruppenreise" (group fare)]. The trains run at two-hour intervals, and the three-hour ride is a "must" for railroad buffs, especially through the scenic Semmering area about an hour south of Vienna.

IC531 IC597 IC599 IC190 IC693 IC631 IC633
Wien Süd 6:58 8:58 10:58 12:58 14:58 16:58 18:58
Unzmarkt 10:02 12:02 14:02 16:02 18:02 20:02 22:02

Please let us know when you arrive, so that we can pick you up at Unzmarkt! Otherwise, take the next train on the narrow-gauge line or the next Bus all the way to Murau. In Murau please proceed to the Hotel Lercher (see the city map for the location of the hotel).

8707 8709 8711 8713 8715
Unzmarkt 10:10 12:10 16:10 18:10 19:28
Murau - Stolzalpe 10:50 12:50 16:50 18:50 20:05

For more information on trains and fares check with ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, and Steirische Landesbahnen.

To help you planning your return trip, this is the train service back to Unzmarkt...

8706 8708 8712 8714 8716
Murau - Stolzalpe 9:10 11:12 15:10 17:10 17:56
Unzmarkt 9:50 11:52 15:50 17:50 18:36

...and to Vienna:

IC532 IC534 IC590 IC191 IC594 IC530 IC632
Unzmarkt 7:57 9:57 11:57 13:57 15:57 17:57 19:57
Wien Süd 11:02 13:02 15:02 17:02 19:02 21:02 23:02

The shuttle bus back to the airport leaves Südbahnhof 15 and 45 min past the hour between 7:45 and 18:15, and 15 min past the hour afterwards.

Conference fees

Registration fees are ATS 2200 (about US$ 210) for early registration (before June 1), or ATS 2500 (about US$ 235) otherwise. Reduced registration fees for students and accompanying persons are ATS 1200 (about US$ 110) before June 1, or ATS 1400 (about US$ 130) otherwise.

The conference fee covers the conference, a half-day excursion, and the official conference dinner. Payments should be made in ATS (Austrian Schilling) by credit card (see the registration form).

Please use the enclosed Registration Form.

Grants for students

A very limited amount of money will be available for the support of students unable to pay the reduced registration fee. Please check the box in the registration form and indicate in the application letter the minimal support needed. The application letter should also contain a short CV (one page) and a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.


The participants will be accomodated in two very comfortable hotels in the center of Murau. The price for full board (per day) is
     ATS 900 (US$ 82) single room
     ATS 850 (US$ 78) double room (per person)
and includes all meals.

A limited number of student-type accomodations will be available. Please contact H. A. Posch at the University of Vienna (Email: posch@ls.exp.univie.ac.at) for information.


April 15, 1998:
Deadline for receipt of abstract for proposed contributed paper (oral presentation and/or poster)
May 15, 1998:
Notification regarding acceptance of contribution
June 1, 1998:
Deadline for early registration fees


If you wish to attend the Conference or to present a paper, please print out and complete the appropriate form and return it by Fax or regular mail to:

Prof. H. A. Posch
Institute for Experimental Physics
University of Vienna
Boltzmanngasse 5
A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Tel: (++43)-1-4277 51119
Fax: (++43)-1-4277 9511
Email: posch@ls.exp.univie.ac.at

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