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HP-48SX/GX, HP-49G/G+, and HP-50G Pocket Calculator series

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Urania is a complete portable ephemeris calculator
based on the Hewlett-Packard HP-48SX, HP-48GX, HP-49G, HP-49G+ or HP-50G Pocket Calculator series. Due to RAM requirements, it requires memory extension cards on HP-48SX/GX series and will not work on unmodified HP-48S, HP-48G, or HP-48GII calculators.

For outdoor astronomy, nothing can beat a small, lightweight calculator with built-in clock for doing those error-prone calculations like sidereal time, planetary positions, coordinate transformation, Hour Angle, and much more. All this and lots more is included with Urania and will work on a tour even of several weeks duration with a single set of batteries in contrast to - say - a notebook PC running admittedly more extensive software, but only for a few hours.

With its total of about 500kB programs and data, Urania is the answer to the following and many more questions:

In addition to all this, there are several more add-on libraries:

Urania was developed mainly for the HP-48GX, and is now maintained for HP-48GX and HP-49G/HP-50 (The version for HP-49G also runs on the newer HP-49G+ and HP-50G).

Have a look at some output examples

Have a look into the manual! (Urania.pdf, 490kB) Requires Acrobat Reader

Read about the program history

Users about Urania

Finally in 2014: Free Download!

More HP48/HP49 software: www.hpcalc.org

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