Almost 20 years (!) after starting this project and given that I have not updated or further developed much since about 2002 (not that I don't use it any longer, it just was complete for me by then! I still use it as of 2014.), I have decided to provide an unrestricted free (cost-free as in "free beer", still not public domain "do-whatever-you-want"!) version of Urania 2.1. No more need to fill in a form, just download the version you want and enjoy on your desktop or next to your telescope:

Note: Urania is huge and requires lots of memory. If you have an HP48GX, you absolutely need also at least one empty 128kB memory card, or (on HP48GX) a free 128kB port of a larger card. Up to 4 ports will be well-filled by Urania!

In case you really feel the urge to reward me

I collect old (say, pre-1920) astronomical books. If you happen to have one, or find something at an antique book store (or sometimes even flea-market!), this could be something!

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