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I have been user of HP programmable calculators since 1993. The most notable project I have made for the models HP48 and HP49 surely is Urania, the most complete astronomical software package for any programmable handheld device I know of.

In 1997, I have joined the LaTeX community to typeset all my documents, from science papers to letters. For documenting HP48 software (esp. Urania), in 1998-1999 I have developed the hp48 package with all 3 HP48 fonts (coded in METAFONT) and style file to allow using those fonts. The package comes as installable LaTeX .dtx and .ins files. It also contains source code for a grob2eps command to make EPS graphics from the HP GROB format. I would be happy if anyone else made a hp49 package...

I made some music transscriptions for Mig, the best music program for HP48/HP49 calculators. Unfortunately, the author never released a second contribution collection package, but my pieces will be available here shortly. (write me to remind me!)

One project I am a bit stuck with is an exhaustive set of calendar programs, based on the first edition of Calendrical Calculations. I implemented a working library with the HP Tools, but some of the algorithms are very slow on the Saturn CPU. Maybe the new edition does some things faster, I have to check this. If you are good in HP48/49 GUI writing and have enough time/interest, maybe you can help? I'd like to see identical versions for both calculators, but if the GUI capabilities of the HP49 are significantly superior, I'd be happy with a great HP49 version as well.

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