WAA Tour to Libya's Total Solar Eclipse

March 26 — April 6, 2006

Images: Georg Zotti
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April 4: Mandara Lake, More Desert Experience

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Dry Lake

Mandara Lake

Lunch Break
Self portrait with original Indigo coloured Tagelmusk
Wolfgang takes another splash
Small shrimps

The Last Ride

Farewell to "The Tapes"

These tapes with contemporary music were played almost continuously, in all cars with working tape decks. After a week or so, you get accustomed, and we wanted to show these photos in a shop later to get these tapes. Unfortunately, we did not find a shop...
In the late afternoon, we reached a camp where we also had dinner. There we had time for a shower and re-packed our gear for air transport. Unfortunately I missed the zoo with feneks and antelopes! Then we returned to Sebha airport where we said good-bye to our drivers, and had an almost regular flight to Tripolis.
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