WAA Tour to Libya's Total Solar Eclipse

March 26 — April 6, 2006

Images: Georg Zotti
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April 2: Akakus Mountains, Rock Art

Glorious Morning!

360 Degrees from Campsite Hill

I just had to go up again!

Driving around

The Big Arch

And fun with the polarizing filter (note sky blueness)
Sand patterns

Rock Paintings, stone age or younger...

Not all of these paintings are from a time when elephants came here on a daily basis. Local people found that tourists liked to see these paintings, so they decided to add to the joy. So, if they look fresh, they may be fresh...
Watch Out!
Mouse Eater

Egyptian Temple Template?

More Rock Art

Lunch Break with paintings

Dust Devil

Mushroom Rock

Tuareg Thumb

Water Hole

Al Awaynat Campsite: Moskito Constellations

After night fall we reached our camp in Al Awaynat. We stayed in small round huts which had been refurbished with beds. It's nice to take a "shower" and a fresh (i.e. white!) T-shirt. Until late in the evening, we were discussing the previous days. This evening was the only one with really nasty moskitos, but we could use them to make our kind of "art". Note Alcor, the small "star" atop Mizar...
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