WAA Tour to Libya's Total Solar Eclipse

March 26 — April 6, 2006

Images: Georg Zotti
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April 1: Wadi Mathkandush, Going West through Mesak Mellet to Akakus Mountains

Christine takes us for a morning walk to look for stone-age tools. There were some likely candidates! However, it is not allowed to take them home.

Wadi Mathkandush

Up to 8000 years old engravings tell us a story when this area must have been much wetter, we see engravings of elephants, ostriches, antelope, monkeys, and a crocodile. Nowadays all we could see were lizards. The people here apparently used ropes slung around heavy "catching stones" for hunting deer.
Catching Stone
Symbolic Mosque (modern ;-)

Going West

Hamza was happy to find these herbs, they smell nice and make great tea!

Mesak Mellet, black highland

Asr (afternoon) prayer

Entering Akakus Mountains

We had missed the sunset... still, we had to climb that hill.
Going down was a challenge: I still had my sunglasses on! But I just had to return later, with tripod and the 5D!
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