WAA Tour to Libya's Total Solar Eclipse

March 26 — April 6, 2006

Images: Georg Zotti
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March 31: Germa — Murzuq — Desert

The Scorpions

The only day we saw scorpions was in the camp in Germa! These beasts are not deadly for health grown-ups, but children can die from their poison. In any case, it hurts terribly. One driver has lost two children to scorpions, so after we had taken the photos, he took revenge.


This town was the seat of the Osman government of the Fezzan province.


Going Offroad again

Who's Missing?

Hamza stops to look for one of the other cars that is out of clear sight. We see another car has stopped somewhat off the track. Using my binoculars, Hamza can see the car has no rooftop luggage rack, so he concludes it's none of our cars. Wrong, unfortunately: Having overlooked a shallow dry rivulet, that car had jumped further than was healthy, and had lost its rooftop rack including several fuel containers. The driver suffered from a mild shock and headache, and the passengers also had some bruises, but fortunately all recovered fast.

Libyan Car Wash

Huge circular crop fields are kept alive by fossile water, inviting some to take a shower, or to wash a car.

Lunch Break

The Camels

Into the Dunes

Next car problem

Another car has troubles and has lost a considerable amount of oil. No need to throw sand on the road this time, however...

Liquid Sand

Car Repair

The drivers fix damage from today's accident.


Now I wanted to catch a Green Flash, but all following evenings were not as clear as in the East!

Moon with earthshine

Desert Night

I teamed up with Wolfgang Weiser for some tracked images with the Canon 5D. Sadly I bumped into the tripod before my last planned tracked shot. I added a nice star trail in the end.
Procyon, Sirius, Canopus
Procyon, Sirius, Canopus
Tau, Aur
Ori, CMa
ruined aligment
Star trails
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