WAA Tour to Libya's Total Solar Eclipse

March 26 — April 6, 2006

Images: Georg Zotti
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March 27: Leaving Sebha towards East


Scheduled for departure at 8:00 a.m., we loaded our veteran Toyota Landcruisers. Our caravan consisted of 7 passenger cars (seting 3+driver) and a pickup with an excellent kitchen staff. One car had to be exchanged, the interior smelling too heavily from spilled petrol. Finally we left Sebha around 8:30.
Wolfgang taking
appropriate headgear
Last tank stop: 54ltr/5EUR!
Police checkpoint.
(Oops, I should have put that camera down...)

Tmissah: End of the Road

We had our lunch break shortly after leaving Tmissah.
Improving grip with less air.
Christina explains a desert sand feature: A single grass blade digs a circle around itself with the help of the wind.

The Busy Beetle

Greet your food

In Tmissah, our kitchen staff had bought a sheep, which was bound to be served on several occasions during the following week.
I went for a walk to see that singing bird.
When I returned, it was "time" for the sheep.


We had salad, bread, fish and other healthy cold food.
Then we set off into the desert.
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