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5.1 Thermodynamic averages

In addition to basic thermodynamic observables such as internal energy (eq. 1.1) and pressure (equ. 1.2) many more details about the structure and the dynamics of statistical-mechanical systems may be accessed. Let us consider two such quantities, the pair correlation function $g(r)$ and the velocity autocorrelation function $C(t)$.

PROJECT MD/MC (LENNARD-JONES): In your Lennard-Jones MD and MC programs, include a procedure to calculate averages of the total potential energy and the virial as defined by

W\equiv\sum_{i}\vec{K}_{i}\cdot \vec{r}_{i} = -\frac{1}{2}\sum_{i}\sum_{j}
\vec{K}_{ij}\cdot \vec{r}_{ij}

From these compute the internal energy and the pressure. Compare with results from literature, e.g. [MCDONALD 74,VERLET 67]. Allow for deviations in the $5-10 \%$ range, as we have omitted a correction for the finite sample size (`cutoff correction').

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F. J. Vesely / University of Vienna