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A. Dissertation and Habilitation thesis:

"Ausbeute und Spektrum einiger radioaktiver Photoneutronenquellen". (Yield and spectrum of some radioactive photoneutron sources.) Dissertation, University of Vienna 1969.

"Computerexperimente an einfachen polaren Flüssigkeiten". (Computer experiments on simple polar liquids). Habilitation thesis, University of Vienna 1982.

B. Books:

F. J. Vesely: Computational Physics. An Introduction. Plenum, New York and London 1994. ISBN 0-306-44903-X
2nd Revised Edition: Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers, New York-London 2001. ISBN 0-306-46631-7

F. Vesely: Computational Physics. Einführung in die Computative Physik. Wiener Universitätsverlag, 1993. ISBN 3-85114-122-9.

F. Vesely: Computerexperimente an Flüssigkeitsmodellen. Physik-Verlag, Weinheim 1978.

C. Chapters in Books:

F. Vesely: Paardynamik in Fluiden. In: P. Marksteiner und W. Schnabl (Hrsg.): 2 Jahre Supercomputing. Bericht über das EASI Kooperationsprojekt 1989/90 an der Universität Wien. (Two years of supercomputing. Report on the European Academic Supercomputing Initiative at the University of Vienna.) EDV-Zentrum der Universität Wien 1992.

F. Vesely: "Die Sinnfrage in der Industriegesellschaft (Report on a lecture by Viktor E. Frankl.)" In: Ingrid Hauptmann (ed.), Sperry Rand Management Symposium, St. Paul de Vence, 1984.

F. Vesely: Paardynamik. In: F. Kohler, P. Schuster, P. Weinzierl (Hrsg.): "Struktur und Eigenschaften der Flüssigkeiten" (Sommerschule St. Georgen 1984). Bochum 1984.

F. Vesely: Computerexperimente an polaren Molekülen. In: F. Kohler, P. Weinzierl (Hrsg.): "Physik des flüssigen Zustands" (Summer School St.Georgen 1977). Mülheim/Ruhr 1977.

D. Web Publications and Tutorials at

- Course material, "Statistical Physics" Winter 2001-02

- ASPUS lecture: "Density Functional Theory for Pedestrians" (in German), October 2001

- Gordon Conference, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 2000

- Multimedia in Physics Conference, Vienna, October 2000

- High Performance Scientific Computing (HPSC) Initiative, Vienna 2000

- Course "Computational Physics", Winter 1999/2000

E. Project Reports

Borodin, A., and Vesely, Franz J.: "Demixing of Liquid Crystals. Density functional Theory." Report, Hochschuljubilämsstiftung Proj.Nr. H-113/01; Oktober 2003.

Vesely, F., und Ivanov, D. K.: "Simulation und Visualisierung für die Physik-Didaktik: Untersuchung zur Adaptierung vorhandener Materialien für den Internet-Zugriff." Endbericht, Forschungsauftrag des Österreichischen Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Verkehr, GZ 52 002/1-III/9/99. Mai 2000

F. Journal Publications:

Vesely, Franz J.: Of pendulums, polymers, and robots: Computational mechanics with constraints; J. Chem. Phys. 141/6, 4109 (2014);

Vesely, Franz J.: Of pendulums, polymers, and robots: Computational mechanics with constraints; Am. J. Phys. 81, 537 (2013);

De las Heras Daniel, Varga Szabolcs, and Vesely Franz J.: Mesophase formation in a system of top-shaped hard molecules: density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation. J. Chem. Phys. 134 (2011) 214902

Varga Sz. and Vesely F. J.: A new generic model potential for mesogenic systems: square-well line potential of variable range; J. Chem. Phys. 131 (2009) 194506

Varga Sz., Velasco E., and Vesely F. J.: Stability of the columnar and smectic phases of length-bidisperse parallel hard cylinders; Mol. Phys. 107, 23 (2009) 2481

Varga Sz., Gabor A., Velasco E., Mederos L. and Vesely F. J.: Demixed and ordered phases in hard-rod mixtures; Mol. Phys. 106/15 (2008) 1939

Vesely, Franz J.: "Lennard-Jones sticks: A new model for linear molecules". J. Chem. Phys. 125, (2006) 214106

Vesely, Franz J.: "Smectic phases in hard particle mixtures: Koda's theory". Molecular Physics, Vol. 103, No. 5 (2005), 679.

Vesely, Franz J.: "Explaining Gibbsean phase space to second year students". European Journal of Physics 26 (2005) 243.

Vesely, Franz J.: "Billiards in class, entropy after hours: Statistical physics for sophomores". Proceedings, Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning (MPTL9), Graz, September 9-11, 2004. Proceedings website:

Vesely, Franz J.:, and Lukac, Renato: How to simulate anchoring: confining the director. Mol. Cryst. Liqu. Cryst. 351 (2000) 667.

Vesely, Franz J., and Lukac, Renato: "How to simulate anchoring: confining the director". Mol. Cryst. Liqu. Cryst. 352 (2000) 667 (Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Liquid Crystals 99, Hersonissos/Crete, April 25-30, 1999.)

Lukac, Renato, and Vesely, Franz J.: "Simulating Phase Transitions in Binary Liquid Crystal Films". Mol. Cryst. Liqu. Cryst. 352 (2000) 683 (Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Liquid Crystals 99, Hersonissos/Crete, April 25-30, 1999.)

Kastenmeier, Thomas, and Vesely, Franz J.: "Numerical robot kinematics based on stochastic and molecular simulation methods". Robotica 14(1996)329-337.

Kastenmeier, Thomas, and Vesely, Franz J.: Numerical robot kinematics based on stochastic and molecular simulation methods, Robotica 14(1996)329.

Kastenmeier, Thomas, and Vesely, Franz J.: A New Algorithm for Numerical Robot Kinematics. 5th International Workshop on ROBOTICS IN THE ALPE-ADRIA-DANUBE REGION, Budapest, June 10-13, 1996. In: Proceedings (refereed), 1996.

Flener, P., and Vesely, Franz J.: Correlated motion of 2 particles in a fluid. II. Molecular dynamics results. Mol. Phys. 77/4 (1992) 601.

Vesely, Franz J., and Evans, G. T.: Pair dynamics in hard sphere fluids: recollision time correlation functions. J. Chem. Phys. 92/2 (1990) 1275.

Vesely, Franz J., and Evans, G. T.: Recollision dynamics in the hard sphere fluid. Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chemie 94 (1990) 265.

Vesely, Franz J.:, and Posch, H. A.: Correlated motion of 2 particles in a fluid. I. Stochastic equation of motion. Mol. Phys. 64/1 (1988) 97.

Posch, H., Hoover, W. G., and Vesely, F. J.: Canonical Dynamics of the Nosé Oscillator: Stability, Order, and Chaos. Phys. Rev. A 33 (1986) 4253.

Vesely, Franz J.: A Fairly General Algorithm for Stochastic Dynamics. Information Quarterly for Computer Simulation of Condensed Phases, 16 (1985) 61.

Vesely, Franz J.: Algorithms for Mori chain dynamics: A unified treatment. Mol. Phys. 53/2 (1984) 505.

Vesely, Franz J.: Angular Monte Carlo integration using quaternion parameters: A spherical reference potential for CCl4. J.Computat.Phys. 47/2(1982)291.

Vesely, Franz J.: Stochastic dynamics of an Onsager cavity dipole. Mol.Phys. 47/3(1982)519.

Posch, H., Vesely, F. J., and Steele, W.: Atomic pair dynamics in a Lennard-Jones fluid: Comparison of Theory with computer simulation. Mol.Phys. 44/1(1981)241.

Vesely, Franz J., and Steele, W.: Simulation of molecular orientational dynamics in a model polar fluid. Mol.Phys. 43/6(1981)1357.

Vesely, Franz J.: Rough Lennard-Jones molecules. Mol.Phys. 41/5(1980)999.

Neumann, M., Vesely, Franz J., Steinhauser, O., and Schuster, P.: Solvation of large dipoles II. A molecular dynamics study. Mol.Phys. 37/6(1979)1725.

Vesely, Franz J.: Thermodynamics of the polarizable Stockmayer fluid. Chem.Phys.Lett. 56/2(1978)390.

Neumann, M., Vesely, Franz J., Steinhauser, O., and Schuster, P.: Solvation of large dipoles I. A molecular dynamics study. Mol.Phys. 35/3(1978)841.

Grabner, W., Vesely, F. J., and Benesch, G.: Rayleigh line width measurements in the critical region of polar liquids. Phys.Rev.A 18/5(1978)2307.

Vesely, Franz J.: N-particle dynamics of polarizable Stockmayer-type molecules. J.Computat.Phys. 24/4(1977)361.

Vesely, Franz J., and Bensch, F.: Photoneutron production cross sections of beryllium and deuterium at a number of gamme energies below 3 MeV. J.Nucl.Energy 27(1973)828.

Bensch, F., and Vesely, F. J.: Yields and spectra of some spherical photoneutron sources. J.Nucl.Energy 23/9(1969)537.

Vesely, F. J., Bensch, F., and Hejtmanek, H.: A Monte Carlo Program for the determination of the energy spectrum of photoneutron sources. Nukleonik 11(1968) 300.

Bensch, F., Ledermann, H., Pilz, H., and Vesely, F. J.: IAEA Research Contract No.344/RB, 344/R1/RB.

G. Book Translations:

A. Koestler (Hrsg.): "Das neue Menschenbild". Molden, Wien 1970. (Beyond Reductionism, Hutchinson).

J. Fabry: "Das Ringen um Sinn". Paracelsus, Stuttgart 1973, und Herder, Freiburg 1978. (The Pursuit of Meaning, Beacon Press).

H. Miscellaneous:

Founder and first editor, "Bulletin der Chemisch-Physikalischen Gesellschaft", Wien 1984-86.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, "The International Journal for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis", a bilingual peer-reviewed scientific journal. 12 issues between 1993 and 1998, with a total of 108 articles.

Poetry, published in various literature magazines (Podium, St. Pölten 1980, 1992; Bakschisch, Vienna 1981).

Haiku, published in "Die Brücke", Vienna, 1994, 1999. Two awards by the Austrian-Japanese Society, Vienna.

Vesely and Pumhösl: immer aufs neue; 67 Haiku mit Farbfeldern. Online