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Curriculum vitae

Personal Data:

Date and place of birth: September 9, 1943; Vienna, Austria
Citizenship: Austrian
Civil Status: married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren
Private address: Langwiesgasse 6, A-1140 Vienna
T (+43)(0)676 5149660 (cell)
Office address: Institute of Experimental Physics,
University of Vienna,
Boltzmanngasse 5, A-1090 Vienna
T (+43-1) 4277-51191

Education and Studies:

1961 - 1969 Studies Physics/Mathematics, University of Vienna; Dissertation at the Nuclear Science Institute (Atominstitut der Oesterreichischen Hochschulen).
1955 - 1961 High School 1020 Vienna, Vereinsgasse
1953 - 1955 High School 1150 Vienna, Diefenbachgasse
1949 - 1953 Elementary School Tullnerbach / Lower Austria

Academic Career:

2008-present: Retired; various research (see publications)
1989-2008: Professor, University of Vienna
1982: Venia legendi (Habilitation; "Dozent") for Experimental Physics
1972-...: Assistant, Institute of Experimental Physics
1969-...: Contract Assistant, Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna

Guest Professorships and Cooperations:

1998-...:University of Maribor: Guest Professor and Co-Founder of the new Graduate Study of Physics Program (Head: Prof. Samo Kralj); Specialty: Numerical Simulations in Physics
1995-...: EMLG (European Molecular Liquids Group); Member of the International Committee. See EMLG Website
1995-...: ASPUS (Angewandte Statistische Physik und Simulation), a cooperational network comprising groups from the University of Vienna, the Technical University Vienna, and the University of Agricultural Sciences.
1991: University of Linz: Guest Professor (Host Prof. U. Titulaer)
1989-...: HPSC (High Performance Scientific Computing), a cooperation within Vienna University of chemists, mathematicians, and physicists. See also
1988: Oregon State University: Guest Professor, Cooperation with Glenn T. Evans.
1986/87: University of Linz: Guest Professor (Host Prof. U. Titulaer)
1984-86: University of Bielefeld, Zentrum fuer Interdisziplinaere Forschung (ZIF): Collaborator, multinational Project "Complex Liquids"
1975: Royal Holloway College, London: Postdoc with Konrad Singer.

Current Research Interests:

- Molecular simulation
- Simulation of Liquid Crystals, primarily mixtures
- Methodology of simulation, primarily regarding phase separation
- Robotics: Method for the control of multilink robotic arms
- Didactics of Physics with reference to modern media (web-based teaching and learning)


"Steuerungsverfahren für Roboter, unter Verwendung von geometrischen Zwangsbedingungen und Zufalls-Suchverfahren". ("Method for the control of robots, using geometrical constraints and stochastic search strategies").


1981: Felix Kuschenitz Award of the Austrian Academy of Science

Guest and Keynote Lectures:

2008: Lorand Eötvös Society Seminar, Veszprem University (Prof. Istvan Szalai), Nov 2008: "Generic models for linear molecules: From lollipops to square-well lines"
2007: Lorand Eötvös Society Seminar, Veszprem University (Prof. Istvan Szalai), Dec 6, 2007: "Simulation of Liquid Crystals"
2007: CECAM/SimBioMa Workshop on Simulations of hard bodies, CECAM Lyon; Host: Dr. Antonio Scala (Rome); Apr 16-19, 2007: "The Shape of Things - Morphology of hard bodies and excluded volumes"
2006: ODICS (Order and Disorder in Complex Systems) lecture, Vienna, Jan-2007: "Of Sticks and Balls"
2006: ASPUS (Applied StatPhys & Simulation) lecture, Vienna, Nov-2006: "Lennard-Jones Sticks"
2005: CMA Workshop, "Numerical Computation in Teaching" Oslo University / Blindern, Host: Prof. Knut Moerken; Sep-30, 2005: "Random thoughts of a determined teacher: Computation, didactics, and all that "
2004: EPS-MPTL9 (Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning) Meeting, Karl Franzens-Univ. Graz; Host: Prof. Leopold Mathelitsch; Sep 9-11, 2004: "Billiards in Class, Entropy After Hours"
2003: University of Maribor, Slovenia: Invited Course; Host: Prof. Samo Kralj; May 2003: "Introduction to Computational Physics"
2002: ASPUS (Applied StatPhys & Simulation) lecture, Vienna, Dec-2002 "Smectic demixing in hard particle fluids"
2001: ASPUS-Seminar, October 31, 2001: "Density Functional Theory for Pedestrians"
2001: Theoretical Physics Advanced Seminar, Keio University, Yokohama; Host: Prof. Shuichi Nose; June 14, 2001: "Liquid crystal simulation: How to simulate anchoring."
2001: Theoretical Physics Advanced Seminar, Keio University, Yokohama; Host: Prof. Shuichi Nose; June 14, 2001: "Statistical Physics for the sophomores."
2001: Physical Chemistry Advanced Seminar, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto; Host: Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki; June 11, 2001: "Simulation of liquid crystals."
2001: University of Maribor - Graduate Study of Physics, Invited Course; Host: Prof. Samo Kralj; May 2001: "Introduction to Computational Physics"
2000: EPS-MMP5 (Multimedia in Physics) Conference; Kuffner Observatory, Vienna; Host: Dr. P. . Habison; Oct 8-10, 2000: "Boltzmann's Dream. Statistical Physics in the Introductory Course"
2000: Gordon Research Conference; Plymouth, New Hampshire; Host: Prof. Harvey Gould; Jun 11-16, 2000: "Statistical Physics for the Sophomores"
1999: University of Maribor: "Statistical Physics for Sophomores"
1995: Pedagogical Academy Maribor: "Elements of Computational Physics"
1993: Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (Prof. M. Zeidler): "Pair dynamics in fluids"
1992: Lomonossov University, Moscow (Prof. Stepanyuk, Solid State): "Pair dynamics"
1989: Conference on "Transport Processes in Fluids and Mobile Phases", Aachen: Lecture on "Recollision dynamics"
1988: University of California at Los Angeles (host: Prof. Kivelson, Chemistry): "Pair dynamics in liquids"
1986, 1982, 1979: Round Table Conferences, "Structure and Dynamics of Simple Liquids", University of Karlsruhe
1985: Keynote Lecture, Conference on "Stochastic Dynamics and Complex Molecules", University of York
1984: University of Mainz (F. Hufnagel): "Molecular Dynamics and Stochastic Dynamics"
1984, 1977: Summer School on "Physics of the Liquid State", St. Georgen/Carinthia
1983: University of Bremen (W. Schroer): "Algorithms for Stochastic Dynamics"


Basic curriculum:
2001, 2000, 1998, 1996: "Statistical Physics": Implementation of a new course for second year students. In this context introduction of innovative didactic methods (live simulations clarifying theoretical concepts, use of chaos theory to develop a basic understanding of statistical mechanics).
1969-...: Teaching in various functions: workshops, proseminars, seminars, lecture assistantship, lectures, courses.

Advanced and research-oriented curriculum:
1990-...: "Introduction to Computational Physics": regular course
1989-...:"Computational Physics": installation of a Graduate Study Program at the University of Vienna; implementation of an Advanced Workshop with this title; in cooperation with M. Neumann und H. Posch
1983-...: "Computer simulation of molecular motion", irregular course
1991: "Simulation of condensed phases": guest course, University of Linz
1985: "Physical Computing using PCs": implementation of a course for second year students; Pilot course
1985: "Computational Physics Seminar": implementation of a interuniversitary seminar for the colleagues in the Vienna region
1984: "Molecular Physics": implementation of a regular course ; Pilot course Winter 1984/85
1978: "Modern Methods of Experimental Physics": implementation of an Advanced Workshop
1986/87: "Simulation of physical processes": guest course, University of Linz:
1977: "Simple polar liquids", course
1975-76: "Computer methods in Liquid State Physics", course
1974: "Critical phenomena", course

Summer Schools, Conference organisation, etc.:
1998:Co-organiser, Annual Meeting of the European Molecular Liquids Group in Murau, Styria; together with H. Posch
1984, 1977, 1972: Summer Schools "Physics of the Liquid State" in St. Georgen; Organisation, lectures
1983-85: Advanced courses "Informatics for High School teachers".

Extraneous Teaching Assignments:
2003/04 and 2006/07: MBA Course for Austrian Military Officers: Numerical Simulations for Catastrophe Management

Commissions etc.:

1994-...: Public Relations Deputy, Institut of Experimental Physics
1984-94: Advisor for Foreign Students in Austria; this was the time of the Yugoslav crisis
1986-...: Advisor and Examiner (Physics) for Study Competence Examinations (Studienberechtigungspruefung)
1972-75: Head, Physics Computer Center, University of Vienna


1993-98: Publisher and Editor-in-chief of "The International Journal for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis", a bilingual peer-reviewed scientific journal
1984-86: Founder and first editor of the "Bulletin der Chemisch-Physikalischen Gesellschaft"

Other functions:
2000-2012: Viktor Frankl Foundation of the City of Vienna: Board Member
1992-present: Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna: Founding Member and Board Member; Director of the "International Center of Documentation" in this institute
1984-86: Chemisch-Physikalische Gesellschaft Wien (founded in 1869): Board member and Secretary