Curriculum vitae

Personal Data:
Born 1958 in Scheibbs, Lower Austria,
Married, 5 children (one daughter, four sons).

School leaving exams 1977, studies of physics at the University of Vienna, diploma thesis 1981
('Microhardness and electrical resistivity of CuBe2 at low annealing temperatures').
PhD thesis 1987 ('Hall effect in annealed CuBe2 and in a Cu-1.35at%Be alloy').

Career at the University Vienna:
1982-1984 educational and scientific assistant,
1985 university assistant,
1996 assistant professor,
2003 administrator of the Institute of Materials Physics,
2007 custodian of the Historical Collection of the Faculty of Physics

Scientific activities 1987 - 2003:
Electronic transport properties of metals and alloys – especially low-field Hall coefficient. Electrical measurement of dislocation densities – deviatons from Matthiessen’s rule. Measurement of true low-field Hall effect of of pure and dislocated noble metals by DC-SQUID-voltmeters.

Activities on history of physics:
2007 Engagement for establishing an official historical collection at the Faculty of Physics. Since 2010 cooperation with ECHOPHYSICS, Pöllau.
Since 2010 talks on the history of physics of the University Vienna. 2013 successful project about new showcases for the collection of historical physics. Since winter term 2013 presentation of the lecture "History of Physics - The developement of physics at the University Vienna included".

Teaching activities:
Former teaching events: 1982 - 2008 lab course on "Low-temperature physics", since 1998 lecture for introduction into this course.  Single crystal growth and Laue Method  in the lab course “Material Physics”. Exercises for students of nutritional science. Experiments for the introduction to physics I and II.
Actual Teaching: Physics laboratory I - for beginners, Physics laboratory II - for beginners. Scanning tunnelling microscopy in the Practical Class on Modern Microscopical Methods  (since 1997). Single crystal growth in the Laboratory course on materials physics. Lecture "History of Physics - The developement of physics at the University Vienna included".

Liquid nitrogen supply:
Operation and maintenance of nitrogen and air liquifyer from 1982 - 2008. Still responsible for hand-over of liquid nitrogen and accounting of a large part of the liquid nitrogen consumption.

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